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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
A long time ago when I was playing D&D, we would still give ambidextrous PCs and NPCs a "good hand" and a "better hand" -- which is the way it usually works out with actual ambidextrous people (we had one in out playing group). And the person still has to keep up with what both hands are doing -- the brain is really going at high revs when fighting with both hands (she was also an SCA member), and it can still get confusing. The fix we had was to simply halve the normal penalties for fighting with two hands.
Someone once suggested in an old (1982-84 Dragon magazine to determine handedness by rolling 1s20 and 1d4. If the d20 was higher, he's a righty, If the d4 was higher, he's a lefty. If the rolls are equal, he's ambidextrous.

That said, I don't have any idea of what the normal penalties for fighting with two hands in T2K terms. I'll let someone work with the info I gave above...
Halve skill if handedness matters? Or is that too severe?
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