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Originally Posted by The Dark View Post
Wood alcohol is methanol (rather than ethanol), which requires different fittings since it will corrode aluminum. It's also hygroscopic, so it has to be kept in sealed containers or else it will absorb atmospheric water. It's certainly possible to use, but it's a major pain to do so if you're not already set up for it.

Seaweed has most of its sugars in the form of alginate. Up until 2012, alginate couldn't be converted to alcohol (a gene-modified E. coli bacterium was developed that year). If it could be used, it would yield around 1500 gallons (5680 liters) per acre dedicated to seaweed farming.

Yes but would they need 300,000L worth of strong drinks? it might be worth it to modify enough to supply there needs and trade the rest. the South Africa book has them converting two local distillery into a fuel supply.
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