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Machine gun barrels are chrome plated since WWII in order to reduce wear and tear. A very thin layer of chrome, when backed up by hardened steel, will give a very long life.

You have my concerns correct about rare or hard to procure elements. However, as I said I am only familiar with Pre 1st edition so do not know the full background of the KFS. To make canon work the rich 5 would, and I suppose could, stash vast amounts of strategic materials for future use. I still believe scavenging post war would only be viable for the first 5 to 20 years before anything worth it would be gone or unuseable.

I just see the massive layers of technology and manufacturing expertise needed to be beyond a single company or group of companies. And all these people need food, electricity, water supplies, toasters, ovens, washers and driers, etc.. Finally the R5's holdings would have to totally private, no publically traded companies or else shareholders, and the Feds would be all over them for stashing all those hidden assets. Seriously they would need something on the order a trillion dollars or more in family wealth between them. I doubt there are five families anywhere in the world with that much wealth. If Bill Gates with 100 Billion is the top dog (last I heard) his input might get him on the second team to try out the cryo tubes.

Another thought I had was after this has been going for a generation or two greed will rule everything. What is to keep one family from eventually getting rid of the "competition"? Why share this. I think by 150 years plus it would degenerate to the rich one (family that is) or a few separate states headed by the latest members of the families. Food for scenarios at least.

Rubber was discussed in past threads. Very interesting, you should dig them up. I was thinking a surviving agricultural university could make that one long term project. Maybe a local TMP team could do a run into a "bad zone" to recover potentially critical info from an ancient facility. Say after 100 years of successfully running a replacement rubber plantation something is causing issues but the problem was being worked on my a known company's research facility....

I only know some metallurgy and the issues with it. In my mind there is also optics (including coatings), electronics, ceramics, petrochemicals, etc. all have potential issues with the likes of supplies of raw materials or very specific technologies or techniques.
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