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Originally Posted by mmartin798 View Post
One of Gamerguy's problem is the sourcing of materials that are not abundant in the US that are currently imported from South Africa or parts of Asia. Primarily chromium used to improve the corrosive properties of steel for weapons. So let me ask something for my personal clarity, as I am not a metallurgist.

Other than requiring more frequent cleaning and replacement, is there a problem using high carbon steel without the addition of chromium for firearms and cannons? My assumption thus far has been it is not a problem and that KFS trade rifles used a steel with lower carbon content to make the wear characteristics such that they wear out quickly. Is that basically it or am I missing something critical?
I have been told the only chromium mine in the U.S. is in Riddle, Oregon.... though that is seldom run due to cheaper methods to mine in other countries.
*edit* Nevermind...that is a Nickel mine.
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