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Default FW Campaign

This sounds like a good campaign !
May I get an idea of what else your were kitted out with in your bolt hole.
were there vehicles ? what kind ?
Why so lightly armed ?
Who were you in reserve for ? What type of unit ?
What type of team found you ?[/QUOTE]

TO answer your questions:

1) There were six of us FW. 5 had the #9 uzi, 1 had the #18 M10 with HK68A
2) No Vehicles. Nada. We were dependant upon the finding group's transportation.
3) We were armed like we were for two reasons.
a) Since we were all generalists, we had to fit into ANY team or group.
b) The guys who were in the FW LIKED the uzi load.
4) We were reserves for a specific reason. Our TL was trusted with one of MP's most guarded secret. More on that in a moment.
5) We were found by a Recon unit, operating in SW Kansas. They were NOT expecting us!!!!! They opened a supply cache...and amidst the boxes of stuff was a note addressed to the TL.... OPEN NOW!!!! That letter led the team to our little cave....and presto....five more warm bodies....and one very nervous TL on our side.....

Upon awakening and general backslaping all around, or TL got with the finding TL for a quick briefing. Once he heard the situation, (Typical Prime, MANY years too late....etc) he turned to me, and in the most serious voice I ever heard from him..

"Mike, fire up your computer, please."

"Sure, Boss...One moment...Online...What do you want?"

"Type AW91WT..."

At this, another FW guy he was in a trance...


And a third guy spoke...This was getting weird....

"3Y0ZE2....Press Enter"

My little laptop considered this amalgam of letters and beeped and displayed some very disturbing news...

"UHHH, Boss, I think this is for you..."

"I'm sure it is..." My TL turned to the other TL....

" all know that we were supposed to contact Prime Base on emergance. Jack told me what has happened..."(LONG Pause)

"Ladies and gentlemen...I now have the co-ordinates for Prime Base Beta...
We are going to go there and try and figure out what happened to Alpha, and if what happened is what I think happened, we are going to start to fix it."

You guessed it....We were the ultimate backup plan...If things had gone as they were supposed to, my TL would never have started the code sequence. The other guys were in a deep seated hypnotic trance, triggered by the first part of the code. They had no idea they had part of the code.

It took us three weeks to get to where we had to go...a very simple corn silo in the middle of a Nebraska field....

It took us two months of VERY slow work to get into and explore Prime Beta....

But more on that later.....
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