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Default Prime Base Beta....Part 2

Originally Posted by stoner63 View Post
I'm pretty familiar with HK and their line of weapons but I am not sure what a 68A is, can you enlighten me Mike.
That definitely sounds like this campaign got even more interesting as you dug deeper.
I like the fact that you started out with the bone bare basics and still carried out your mission. I like those kind of challenges.
Do tell us more

Sorry Stoner63, I mistyped. It was the HK69A1 40 mm grenade launcher.

The scenario WAS very taxing. there were a total of eleven of us. 5 recon's and 6 fw's. The GM didn't give us ANYTHING for free....We had to write down EVERYTHING we carried into Prime Beta...Why? He made us account for all of our water, food, etc.... It was good that the Recon team had just found a cache... Their TL was wondering why there were four ration packs and numerous five liter water bladders...That was for all of us to use..

Just getting INTO Prime Beta was a chore...the entrance way had to be found...then dug out...then the door had three card slots. One for any team for the Recon TL and one for our TL...But figuring out which card went where took a little time.

Once we opened Prime Beta, we had to make choices. How many went in? With what? Did any one stay "on top" as security? Who and what did they have?

Basically, eight of us went into Prime Beta with our LBE's, pistols, pistol ammo, coveralls, boots, M1 CBR, Medkit, compass, generator flashlight, AN/PRC-68 commo gear, backpacks, cooking kit, bedroll, 50 meters of rope, and as much food and water as we could carry. We had two SN/TVS-5 infa-red binoculars and four batteries...The hope being we could find power supplies in three hundred eighty four hours...sixteen days...not QUITE the endurance of our batteries....otherwise we would have to evacuate and re-think...

EVERYTHING else stayed "On top" with the three security folks (read NPC's). They had ALL of our long arms, grenades, the rest of our ammo, plenty of food and water,
the V-150 APC, and all of the other "toys" that Morrow Teams tend to accumulate. The guys "on top" had orders to hold the entrance from a distance of 500 Meters...and if they could not hold their strong point, they were to drive AWAY>>>>slow enough to draw any unfriendlies.

Meanwhile, WE would "close and lock the door." Yeah, unfriendlies might find the entrance..and then be faced with two METERS of case hardened steel..and three card the bottom of a six foot deep hole. Did I mention that the door opened IN???

Our TL was in charge. Basically we were to stay close together, No one more than one hundred meters away from anyone else. No one wondering off to "See what was over THERE". We were not expecting trouble....but....

More later.

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