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Originally Posted by stoner63 View Post
Ah, the HK 69...the sawed-off M-79 that should've been ! One of my favorites, a good choice !
I like the sound of your GM or Project Director, sounds like he did a lot of work on the campaign and wasn't letting too much slide. It can be hard on the players but can also bring out the best in everyone's imaginations.
You better believe he thought it out. He had been running a campaign with the two guys and two ladies of the recon team. They had done well in various situations. Then here come four more people who know Morrow Project and want to join in the fun...

As I remember what he said: "I was trying to think up a new direction for the Recon team. I set up some scenarios and rolled some percentile dice....I'll be damned if they didn't come up "00". And on my list, 00 ment Prime Base...Well I could not think of a way to get the team from the Mid-West to Nevada...Then I remember something out of TM1-1. One of the playtests HAD a second Prime Base...Sooo I built Prime Base Nebraska."

And we were the "lucky" souls who had to find it. Then we had to keep it until we could get enough surviving Morrow Personnel into the area to properly man the thing...I mean we needed to find over two hundred people who could try to get the Morrow Project back on line...

I later read the module Prime Base. I am glad our GM did NOT include Phoenix!!! We had ENOUGH trouble with searching the base, then finding staffers, then finding other teams to act as bodyguard, then find and KILL Krell...(We failed MISERABLY in that...) We certainly could have used their skills in putting a cap into Krell's forehead...So we had to do the dirty work ourselves...We SADLY underestimated the deviousness of our GM...We found out MUCH later that Krell not only had freeze technology...he had cloning tech as seems the Krell had at least two younger "brothers"....
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