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Originally Posted by stoner63 View Post
Wow ! That GM had his ducks in a row and had the experience to make you suffer from every wrong move !
How did you find other MP personnel ? More notes or did hack something up on your deck from someplace.
My Krell info is weak and all of my MP stuff is in storage could you give me a Krell brief.
I am getting ready for a long range campaign via e-mail or something and was wondering if you had and updated info that would help.
Been ages since I had the Ol' TM-11 in front of me !
TO answer your questions:

1) We found the other Morrow personnel by bringing up the P.B.B. computers and looking for them. We needed weeks of work just to figure out how the damn things worked. (They did not run Windows, Mac, or Linux...some wierd combination therof...We called MOS...Morrow Operating System.)
2)Krell: THere are several theories on Krell.
a) He was a madman who happened onto a Morrow bolthole, figured everything out and started from there.
b) He was a disgruntled Morrow person. There is a mention of an employee being fired from Morrow because he had the idea that Prime Base Alpha should be in the old atomic test grounds in southern Nevada.
c) He was an evangilistic minister that went over the edge when he somehow found out that Morrow existed. He had PROOF that TEOTWAWKI was coming and we mortal humans were going to try to do something about it. Hence the religious overtones to Krell propaganda. (This is from one of the GM's I played with...and my personal favorite!!)

If you need another warm body for your E-mail game, please consider a slighly crazed Irishman..(With a last name of O'Donnell, I gots to be crazy??!!??)
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