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Originally Posted by Enfield View Post
Agreed, those would be interesting to develop. Currently, my game is set in Maryland, and obviously I'm going to be using elements of "Allegheny Uprising" and "Kidnapped" in upcoming adventures.

What I may do is adapt "Rifle River" to be set in the Chesapeake region, since I have the mini module.
Will the USS Constellation be an active participant?

Originally Posted by Enfield View Post
Of course my setting differs in that it was not a nuclear war but a plague that reduced the population. Because of this, it is more possible to get power stations repaired and up and going. Also my party's home base is a more well set up version of Frederick and Fort Detrick.
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Originally Posted by Enfield View Post
Since I have also not gotten around to any major political divisions,r right now the USA is divded into Emergency Regions run by civilian authorities advised by FEMA, with the military elements providing support.

I replaced the nuclear target list with a modified InfectionOverrun list of major cities and transportation hubs.

I am going to be working on developments in Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, NewJersey and Pennsylvania.
Enola, PA, and Harrisburg just across the Susquehanna River have extensive rail marshalling yards and freight handling yards. Oh, yes, a favorite local saying about people who live in Enola: Enola spelled backwards is "Alone".

I am surmising that Ft. Detrick might be slightly involved with the contagion?
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