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Originally Posted by Desert Mariner View Post
For caches, there's also Jiffy Lube, with multiple locations in all 50 States and IIRC they typically utilize the same construction team, at least regionally.
Jiffy Lubes also have had extraordinary digital data links for about as long as such links existed. They were one of the pioneers in video storage, as for well over a decade they have stored video of their workers performing tasks, to prevent lawsuits. (Oil outs - not properly fastening the oil pan lug- were commonly simulated by scammers to get maximum value out of an older car, at least when I worked for Firestone IT)

Running those links can also be cover for adding antennae links or the links themselves can be used to update vehicle database and map information.

I should also add that when I worked at firestone ~1990 we were literally building an Intranet from scratch. Attempting to wire all 1500 service locations and all our other inftrstructure we owned together into a single network. Ambitious and the Largest IT faluire (1.1 billion for naught) up to that time. I mention this to allow the original game to possibly use this information it its timeline or for any other timeline.
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