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Default a style guide would be nice...

One would appreciate an understanding of the rules and parameters that are acceptable/expected in the CW Sub Forum.
Just a few words delineating what is or isn't de rigeur here, ok?
It's -pretty- obvious, for instance that at -least- one contributor to the {dead} "Alone" thread intended to add some sex to the snuff fic. at a later time.
I'm new here, and it seems like a nice little quiet board, and since, as I just said "New -here-". Not new at Fic. or RPG's or such. But I'd rather not spend an hour or two of my time crafting some ripping yarn or other to find out I've stepped on toes, shocked and traumatised children, killed off someone's pet PC, caused vomiting and diarrhoea, scared the Mods, offended various Gods... no fun all around. What about character kills? Adult themes {other than doom-y death-y fire-fight depiction's?} It's pretty obvious that the spell and grammar checker is -just a suggestion-, not a rule... so input, please means output, you're welcome.
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