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Originally Posted by nuke11 View Post
To "simplify" this, I started to provide range charts to the players for each of their weapons used.

I use a program called Ballistics Explorer v6.50 (an online site to use is

Since we know the muzzle velocity of each weapon, I just find a cartridge that is approximate to the issued ammunition in the DB and plot a chart out to 1000 m for rifles/LMG, 1500 m for MMG, 2000 m for HMG and 200 m for pistols/SMG's at 50 m intervals.

They look similar to your Excel charts you show. I give distance, velocity, energy, time of flight and e-factor.
I considered this approach, like I did for whole body damage from explosives, but thought a separate chart for each weapon may not be as desirable as an algorithm.
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