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25 Oct 09

In Slovakian Tanks, the T-72 Moderna has been re-written and updated.

In South African Tanks, the Reumech OMC Olifant has been re-written and updated, replacing the former Olifant Mk 1 and Mk 2 entries.

In South Korean Tanks, the Hyundai Rotem K-1 has been re-written and updated. The Hyundai Rotem K-2 Black Panther has been added.

In US Assault Rifles D-F, the D&L Sports CQB Carbine has been added.

In Italian Battle Rifles, the Mannlicher-Carcano M-1891 has been updated to include the FF Rifle and MC Carbine, and M-1940. (This entry was formerly the Mannlicher-Carcano TS Carbine M-1891.)

The Mannlicher-Carcano I-Type Rifle has been moved to Japanese Battle Rifles, as it was built for the Japanese Army and they were it's sole users.

The Enfield US Service Rifle M-1917 has been renamed the Remington (Enfield) US Service Rifle M-1917, updated somewhat, and moved to US Battle Rifles M-Z. The M-1 Garand has been slid down the page to become the Springfield M-1 Garand entry.

In US Lever-Action Rifles - Marlin, the .38-55 chambering was added to the Marlin 336 Cowboy in the Marlin 336 entry.

A note about the Detonics Combat Master's magazines has been added to the entry in US Pistols D-F.

In US Pistols L, the Les Baer Ultimate Master was added.

In US Pistols T-Z, the Wilson Combat Classic was added.

In US Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles Rh-Ru, the Hawkeye Standard was added to the Ruger M-77 Mk II Hawkeye entry.
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