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05 Mar 10

The *French Tracked APCs page has been rewritten and updated.

In German Tracked APCs, the Henschel Wehrtechnik TH-439 and Rheinmetall Wiesel 2 and Marder entries were rewritten and recalculated. The Sedena/Henschel HWK-11 has been removed from this page and moved to a new page, Mexican Tracked APCs.

In Russian Rocket Launchers, the RPG-7 Knut has been updated to include the RPG-7D break-down version.

In Spanish Pistols - Astra, the Astra 1000 has been moved to the Astra 200 Firecat entry. The Astra F has been moved to the Astra 900 entry, and joined by the Astra E.

In British Revolvers, some more information about the functioning and quirks of the Webley-Fosbury have been added.

In German Semiautomatic Sporting Rifles, the Voere M-0014 has been added.

In British Submachineguns, some serious errors about the Sten Mark 2 and Mark 3 have been corrected.

In Italian Submachineguns, the M-1918 and M-1930 have been added to the Beretta M-38 entry.

The Thompson entry in US Submachineguns J-Z has been moved to US Submachineguns A-I, and renamed the Auto-Ordnance Thompson entry. The .22 Long Rifle version of the M-1928 has also been added to the entry.
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