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Flying the E with TIESO for AGM-65, the leading edge slats, ARN-101 DMAS, improved cockpit controls for easier use of AIM-9 and AIM-7 (the 556 cockpit) , and, of course, the gun.

Another reason we go in low? Ordnance loads require it. Mark-82 Snakeyes and M-117Rs, the occasional Mark-84 AIR, and CBUs or, on occasion, Napalm.

AGM-78 is still in service with a larger warhead than either HARM or Shrike. Shrike will damage a radar. HARM or Standard-ARM will kill it. Most HARMs in service TTL are the AGM-88A, with a few Bs. Some Shrikes have been fitted with HARM electronics to make them more effective against "Teenage" SAMs like SA-11.
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