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Originally Posted by Matt Wiser View Post
Fellows, while the next story arc is in work, are there any requests? I have some non-335th stories-including POW ones, one about how Marshal Akhromayev became Defense Minister, Day one from the 335th's POV, a postwar conflict involving the U.S. and Mexico over Baja California (occupied by the U.S. after the war and becoming the 51st State-Mexico wanted it back, starting a war that they lost), plus fact files on aircraft, armor, ships, plus fact files on U.S. small arms and heavy weapons. Let me know what you'd like to see.
Whatever you post I will read Mr Wiser they are always a great read. I personally would love to see day one story form US Army Unit (Infantry or Armored) point of view, maybe something from the another resistance group starting at day one. I always love paratrooper opening from Red Dawn.

Many Thanks
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