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Not having read any books by King except his short stories, I didn't recognize the name but no matter, thanks John, for the translations and letting us get a glimpse into the Finnish books.

I would agree, I think you could ignore the technical and rules sections completely unless they are specific to the Scandanavian countries. I'm taking a big guess but I think what most people are interested in are details on Scandanavian units, vehicles & equipment specific to the region, history of the war in that region and character creation for Scandanavian personnel.

I'm also interested in the point of view of FGH in regards to their treatment of the Twilight: 2000 game. The intro from the Finnish sourcebook indicates they had some different ideas about the game.
Thanks again for your time and effort, there have been many of us 'English-speakers' who have been fascinated by the Finnish books, simply because we could not read them so you have really opened up some new information for us.
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