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I actualy hit the send button before I was done typing, I would also suggest tracer rounds to reduce the chances of leaving a blood pool or trail if its inside and the security personel have a rover patroling inside or checking on static personel.

Zip ties, to tie the personel in place should cameras be on site. Otherwise say someone in the camera room sees Joe missing for an extended period of time, or sees a body on the floor. But if he is tied to his chair in a semi normal position well he should pass glance.

Another thing, make sure the weapons are generic. Thus the glock.

Other ideas,

The UMO-40 or 45 as was suggested, or the the Mac 10 if concealment is required.

And if the infilrtration goes tits up and all bets are off then the personel or designated personel take over with breaching charges, so they should have a good number of those, enough to do the job plus about 25% more per team. Toss in a Beneli M2 with breacher rounds as well to open doors as well as the firepower it provides.

Tear gas grenades and smoke grenades, to keep reaction forces buttoned op and at bay, as well as to cover the escape. 1 or 2 frags per man also can be carried to deal with reaction forces if needbe, this would depend on the target and assets they have for defence.

A decent representation of M4s would be good as well to give the teams some kind of firepower again should their stealth insertion go bad, at least 1 per 4 men.

A vehicle and two members at a predetermined rally point, with 1 support weapon, a SAW would be good, a Grenade Launcher or even a semi auto battle rifle to lay down support fire. And toss in some claymore to cover the exit for good measure if you want to get really creative.

The escape vehicle is expendable and will be dumped a fairly shprt distance and the team members will split up and rally at another location that is predetermined.

I would also suggest something as a distraction such as an inturuption to the facilities power, a staged car accident out front, a preregistered mortar etc on the compound or something to hit the compound and keep them off balance at a crucial moment.
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