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Its one thing if the US forces had stayed and not evacuated - then you can see them as staying where they were as a bridgehead for further operations in Poland or perhaps a way for the Germans to try to reclaim that area of Poland which was their territory before their loss in WWII.

That could be an interesting way to look at it - i.e. they werent written off they stayed where they were till the Germans could move forces there in the spring to be able to reclaim that area for themselves.

Maybe as part of the Omega deal - i.e. you claim to have "written them off" so they dont try to leave - or we feed them false info to make them stay thinking it would be suicide to try to break thru huge Warsaw Pact forces when in reality there arent any. Then we move there in the spring or summer of 2001 and they can come home then - and in exchange we give you the oil and ships for the evacuation - and you give us tanks and armor so we can not only get to them but hold the ground once we are there

It does make some sense

Its either that or the rest of the Corps choose to hold their ground to give the 8th a fighting chance to get back to them and blast a corridor open when the time comes and then try to go back in a group

Still dont know how the 8th had enough fuel to end up where they did - not unless they lucked into some gas or diesel - thats a loooonnnggg way from the rest of the US forces to get there on ethanol and methanol
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