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Default Goodies!!

sladethesniper 05-30-2008, 03:39 AM Check this out!

An SUV with a minigun, thermal dampening ghillie's like Cyberpunk

Wish I could outfit myself with this stuff



kato13 05-30-2008, 04:27 AM Great Resource Thanks

Others on the same site

Medium Armored Vehicles

Medium Armored Vehicles

(Big file)

Twisted Logistics

Complete Guide to Drones

Urban Warfare Systems

Mobility Air, Sea Land

Special Operations Equipment

Editorial (Special Operations)

Mobility In the Making

Urban Rush Hour

Shift in Service Attitudes (UAV)

Future Combat Systems

The Trend (LAVs)

Getting It done

From A to B ASAP

The Vertical Battle Field

From Skeptisim to Sine Qua Non (UAV)

Unthought of Roles

Air Strike From the Sea

What is so Special

Moving From A to B

(4 was missing)

The growing world of unmanned spies

Keeping the Skies Clear

Bolt From the Blue (AH-64)

Time For Shifting Gears (Light Armored Vehicles)

Moving On Land

Self Propelled Artillery

Military Aircraft Market

Defense Market Latin America

Special Times for Special Ops

Doing it all anti armor

Cots Revolution(off the shelf parts)

Launch Intercept Destroy

Many Requirements, Little Structure

Land Based Vshorad and Shorad Systems

This seems to be the earliest available. It appears to be bimonthly.

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