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Originally Posted by WallShadow View Post
"Gateway to the Caribbean" is a trove of adventure seeds and paths to success in the Post-Whoops world, if one uses the little clues and opportunities provided. Well-equipped, poorly-trained opponents holding local shipbuilders with vital skills (and a potential merchant/patrol fleet) hostage, a half-sunk cargo ship with lots of salvageable munitions in it, its prior passengers being a bunch of unloved Cuban troops shipwrecked here and wanting desperately to get the hell home, lots of young nearly-trained doctors, a possible "in" with two of MilGov's big hitters, scads of retired-but-still-deadly US Rangers/SF ex-troopers (can you say "local commando cadre'-training", boys and girls?), a fully-functional super-frigate run by a skilled and capable crew with an elite skipper, a local mamaloi/organic chemist whose knowledge of the local flora and fauna can have interesting side-effects on unwary much to play with, so many opportunities!
All the players have to do is figure out how to make the most of what they have on hand. Did I mention the APC...?
Oh you mean the one that just needs a battery and a 50 cal and she is ready to rock? Not a bad little find
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