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Originally Posted by jester View Post
Nice, but I am thinking smaller, making it similiar in size to a MP5 in size just with a bigger bullet.

I remember in the 80s they did conversions of HK91s <Civi Model of the G3> where they turned them into what was essentaily an MP5 in 7.62 and I had a NPC who was a excellent gunsmith who made himself one. Just wondering if it had been done with the L1 series.
Not the L1 series but definitely to the FAL in semi-auto and select fire as done by DSA Inc. Select fire Semi-auto

Others have done similar work, has an image of a short carbine FAL listed as number 6 on his wishlist.
This thread shows a few pics but the interesting one is of the woman firing a shortened FAL - lots of muzzle blast but apparently recoil is okay
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