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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
I take it you mean the firing ports below each window? As I understand it they are fitted with a simple, cylindrical block that's controlled by a lever, to allow you to open or close the port.
The picture below of a Ratel 90, shows them in various staged of being "open".
I believe that sometimes they were left open to increase airflow through the vehicle while travelling (however that was passed on to me second-hand so treat it as anecdotal).

EDIT: OH! I just realised you probably meant the protective shields over the driver's windows. I think they have to be closed by someone on the outside of the vehicle but considering that they were another layer of protection for when things got really hairy, the doctrine probably states to close them before going into combat.
Yes, I was talking about the driver's windows, and that was what I was guessing (that it needed to be done it before), I thought that it was nice to give the option of added protection, but did not see anyway that you could put it up if you were surprised.
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