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Originally Posted by CDAT View Post
Yes, I was talking about the driver's windows, and that was what I was guessing (that it needed to be done it before), I thought that it was nice to give the option of added protection, but did not see anyway that you could put it up if you were surprised.
Yeah it took me a little while to realise that but I got there eventually!
Interestingly, for all the pictures I've seen of Ratels apparently in combat or during combat training, I don't recall ever seeing any of the vehicles with those shields raised.
Obviously the driver's windows are some pretty heavy duty armoured glass but they must have been particularly effective because it appears that those protective shields were not often used or... there just aren't many photos available showing the Ratel actually in combat.
The few times I've seen pictures of the shields raised is vehicles on static display at shows etc. etc.

However because I am intensely curious... this post has taken me many minutes longer than it should because I was searching the net for pictures...
I did find this image of a Ratel apparently hit by enemy aircraft and it appears as though the shields were in the raised position.

Image from here: -
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