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Default [Plot Hook] a Survivor's location base

To go along with this previous topic

These popped up in my news feed recently:
This Cold War–Era Nuclear Missile Silo Could Be Your Next Luxury Vacation Destination, Says Airbnb and "We Live In A Two Storey Underground Bunker"

Just thought this could be an interesting plot hook for GMs to use when doing some US traveling. Imagine that for at least V2.0 -> V2.2 games, that could provide a location that is discovered where there is a survivor's group living out of a bunker like this.

Similar, come upon a town that knows a number of folks who are important to the town went to a location like this on the Thanksgiving massacre or some of the later nuclear strikes. Except the Soviets didn't know that this specific launch silo was decommissioned or suffered a near miss. So going out to find the location and then trying see if the important people survived or if its even safe to approach again.

For the real Twilight Zone style go with elements living in a town are being suckered down into this shelter location. Yet, never coming back out again.
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