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Originally Posted by knightofrubus View Post
I mean a civilian drone is surprisingly quiet and quad drones are seeing the fits and starts of military use. It would not at all be outlandish to see basic drones in a modernish loadout.

To bring this back to topic. I could definitely see the project having a few EMS trucks of varying roles on stand by. Has anyone ever used alternate trailers and towed machinery?
I once designed a towed fusion forge that could be pulled behind 2 18 wheelers or heavy trucks and also a 3d printer that could be fed concrete and build homes and buildings (based on a design I saw on TV) I had attached them to a large engineering team. Never got to put them to use though. That scenario never played. I had also played with a series of trailers that when fed scrap metal could produce small sections of plates or I beams for construction. It would have been pulled by a land train and required several days to a week to set up. That got a bit complicated so I put that idea on hold.
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