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Originally Posted by Zaskar24 View Post
Hello everyone, been awhile since I have been on here. Years to be precise.

To the topic at hand. I think that MP would be well served by going the route of Plasan,,, and have a vehicle built off of a commercially available chassis such as a Ford, Oshkosh, or International one. The Ford would be best since spare parts would be a matter of finding a Ford dealership or warehouse. After all, what we end up with in game and the original plan for reawakening are two different things.

The other thing that I have not seen mentioned is something just as important for what the project was initially going to be doing. Search and rescue in an unknown post event world under a decade after the event. So a strong possibility of having to deal with Nuclear hot zones or areas with potentially still active biological or chemical weapons. Could one of The Projects companies manufacture NBC sealed rescue vehicles that have the ability to be modified to light combat vehicles?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this.
I could easily see this. Or even the Project going the tesla route
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