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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
If you use that Fuchs 8x8, then you have the makings of a family of vehicles based on common components & construction.
Obviously the 8x8 as shown in the image above, the Fuchs 6x6 parent design and also the APE 4x4
Thats kinda of what I was going for. I had also played with the idea of an MRAP style vehicle. Common off the shelf parts, easy to secure, armored, and something they could combine with a 6x6 or 8x8 ..
So a recon team of 6-9 folks would have both an MRAP and a Fuchs. The Fuchs could serve as their fire support vehicle and as a survey vehicle, testing radiation backgrounds and NBC concerns. The MRAP would do scouting and be a contact vehicle. Sometimes rolling up in a large tank like vehicle isnt always the best choice for initial contact..
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