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Originally Posted by Earthpig
A little joke for you Airborne and Marine types

"Son, I'm damn pround of you", the retired Marine colonel said to his paratrooper son, slapping him on the back. "Tell me about your first jump".

"I thought I was ready, Dad, but I froze when it was my turn," he said. "Then my my sergeant ordered me to jump, but I still couldn't. Finally, he whipped out his d**k and threatened to shove it up my ass if I didn't jump".

"Well," his father barked, "did you jump?"

"Just a little, at first".

Sorry, I woke up and overdosed my smart arse pills
Right before I left Korea, the G-3 Sergeant Major gave me an interesting article from his hometown newspaper. Seems some reservists were on a jump, the coordinates were a bit off, and one of them landed in a large, open tank of liquified cow manure. He drowned in shit.

He was an old 82nd trooper, and knew I was going to jump school from Korea...Sergeants Major are allowed to OD on smart ass pills!
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