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Originally Posted by jester
No you have it wrong. They did give him champagne, but after some heroes treatment since he was a founder of modern aviation, they sent him to a POW camp, and then after several semi successuful escape attempts they took his legs away,

Just imagine that, you have no legs and you have still managed to get out of your POW camp several times.

And that makes me wonder about real life.

Today they have a Marine sniper with one eye, a kid in the 25th Division with one leg, an armor captain with one leg, and several others who are on active duty who have injuries who would precluide them from initial entry, however, they do have exemptions that so allow folks who have serious injuries to continue to serve and they have relaxed them more so these days which is a good thing, I just hope it continues rather than it being used as a political tool.

Thanks for listening to my rant,

Semper Fi
LTG Franks, commander VII Corps, the left hook of ODS, was an amputee from Nam that rose above his leg, and fought to stay on active duty as a major, rose to command a corps. There was a Sgt Maj in the Ranger training camps that was and amputee as well.

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