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Originally Posted by Earthpig
Served twenty one years.....6 as a Combat Engineer the rest as a grunt. I spent most of my time as a Mechanized Infantry (113's) and some as Light Infantry(there is nothing light about it) did Korea,(yeah the weather sucks in the winter, Siberian fronts Brrrrrrr!) Ft. Riley KS., Germany(only for 2 months during a Reforger ex.) and Milwaukee (homeland security).

I like to make fun of Marines, Navy, Airforce and Airborne guy's
As for nothing light about light infantry, AMEN BROTHER!!!!!

However, what I don't understand is you went from engineer to grunt? What, you suffer a head injury? Most folks I know do a tour in the grunts, then we clamor for something else. Anything else, especialy things where we get to ride and stay indoors.

PAUL!!! PAUL!!!! You may have a challenger for the groups mental illness spokesman with this guy!
"God bless America, the land of the free, but only so long as it remains the home of the brave."
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