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Updated spreadsheet is attached. There are two worksheets Calculations and Data. Data is just that, background data for the various drop-downs and actual weight calculations. Entries that are highlighted in tan are new items not contained in TM 1-1.

The Calculation sheet needs user input in the light green cells to indicate the number of given items (i.e. grenades, reloads (aka feed devices), etc.). The dark green cells are drop-downs. There is input available for up to 2 sidearms, rifle/carbine, SMG, shotgun, GL, MG and as many as 4 miscellaneous items (suppressors, missiles, Medic Kit, even extra MG belts).

Hand and 40mm grenades are entered in the lower 2 tables and each has an area to enter a standard or suggested loadout for reference. New items in these tables are also highlighted. The 40mm grenades will not appear in the totals unless a GL is selected from the appropriate drop-down.

New weapons range from Colt SAA to SIG P320, the FN SCAR family to Winchester lever guns and the M249 to M32A1 GL. New grenades include the HGr86, M15 WP, M18 smoke and SOHG plus numerous non-lethal and smoke 40mm rounds.

The weights used are all in a separate spreadsheet where Iíve settled in a given round for each weapon (i.e. Hornady 750gr AMAX BT for the new .50 calibers) most of the other cartridges used are from Sellier & Bellot. Weights include everything (I think) right down to the MG belt links. I did this to make the data repeatable and so that it is easy to add to the tables. This also enabled the second part of my current project; updated stat blocks for the weapons including range cards (see attached PDF as an example).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT -I should have added that the reason for multiple older weapons is it allowed me to check my calculations for adjusting muzzle velocity based on barrel length. The S&B cartridges were used for the same reason as they actually list the test barrel lengths used to determine their listed MV. For purposes of the spreadsheet, I used the 25fps/inch of barrel rule of thumb I was taught years ago.

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