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Originally Posted by Cdnwolf
The bridge would be the only remaining one crossing the Danube river and the only supply route for the Russian armies attacking Vienna - gone as in no chance in hell of replacing it. So basically is a suicide mission .... but nothing the characters can't handle!!
If this is your goal, as a former combat engineer I'd recommend that you don't want it gone completely.

You have three basic options:

1) Blow it to smithereens.
2) Damage it just right that it's both unusable and unsalvagable.
3) Weaken the bridge supports using cutting charges

Option #1 - with the bridge out of the way the Russian then move in pontoon bridging boats to construct a make shift bridge and continue on. While you will definitely have slowed them down, you've only done so by the time it takes them to move the pontoons to this area.

The task though will more than likely take your players more time and explosives to accomplish than the Russians replacing the bridge.

Option #2 - You blow only a small section of the bridge such that it twists down into the water. This requires a much smaller amount of explosives. The current of the water then works on the bridge and causes it to twist, break and contort enough to not only be unusable but unsalvagable. The Russians can still construct a pontoon bridge or equivalent across it, but in order to do so they must first demolish the remaining bridge.

This task should be quicker and cost less in explosives than Option #1 and will cause the Russians to spend more time and their own explosives to blow the remaining bridge.

Option #3 - You place explosives at key points on the bridge to weaken but not destroy it. When the Russians move their convoy across it next, it results in Option #2 but it takes a good portion of the convoy with it.

This task should be even quicker and cost less in explosives than Option #2
Keith Taylor
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