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Default The Travel Move and "Pushing it"

I'm re-doing Italian Tracked APCs, and I happened to be working on the C-13 (don't worry if you haven't heard of it -- it's obscure). The maximum road speed is 70 kph, which would seem to indicate a Tr Mov on road of 280. But Tr Mov works out on road to 198.

So what are crews doing with the extra time? I think that Tr Mov is not continuous, straight-line movement. You have to dodge obstacles. Someone has to stop to take a leak. You just need to stretch your legs and get out of the vehicle (believe me, long marches in a tracked vehicle are exhausting, even if you're just sitting there monitoring the radio). You have to stop sometimes to orient yourself to the map, and compasses don't work so well in an armored vehicle unless your compass is designed to compensate. You need to barf because of sea (land) sickness due to the rocking of the vehicle. The vehicle's making some strange noise and you need to check it, but it turns out to be inconsequential.

Suppose you need to get somewhere FAST. How far can you push the Tr Mov and not destroy your vehicle's components? How far can you push your crew and expect them to be combat-ready? How much extra fuel and lubricants do you consume?
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