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Originally Posted by copeab View Post
A 25mm Bushmaster and a useful amount of ammo will eat up significantly mote turret space than a 7.62mm MG and it's ammo. What do you strip out of the turret to make room?
Now how much ammo is needed to be "Useful"? If you pull the M240 and the 10,000rds of 7.62 how much 25mm could you fit with the gun? I do not know, but even say it is only 1000rds 25mm I would find that very useful as it would have your 120mm last longer. Of the 40 main gun rounds that the tank carries only 17 of them are in your ready rack and can be used easily. Yes you can use the other 23rds, but they are much more difficult to use. Normaly they are used to reload the ready rack.
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