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Originally Posted by headquarters
Also check out Nuno Gomez , he holds the world record of 318 m using scuba gear - and a variety of gas mixes to achieve such depths .
Actually, you and I were both wrong. It's Pascal Bernabe now with a record of 330 meters.

"Bernabe broke the record in Corsica on open circuit scuba, with a descent time of less than ten minutes and a total time of 529 minutes for decompression.

The world record dive was the 41-year-old's fifth attempt at breaking the open circuit deep diving record, which he spent three years preparing for. Dive manufacturer Ralf Tech sponsored the event, which involved a dive support team of thirty team members and 12 support divers.

The experienced deep diver completed the dive on trimix, carrying a total of seven cylinders. In addition, 20 cylinders of various gas blends were also placed on three decompression lines."

Note that no diving bell was needed, no decompression chamber after the event, nothing special except for the 27 cylinders and 12 support divers, which are the surface support station equivalents from my original deep diving post above.
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