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Originally Posted by jester
So, yes your character can dive deep and hide out at depth as long as he is willing to sit out the decompression time and of course has the tanks staged.

OR, he can skip the entire step, if he has a boat waiting on the surface and he jumps right into a decompression chamber as soon as he hits the surface. That could reduce the need for staged gear and speed up the entire operation rather than him waiting underwater and holding up the mission.

And now for ways to bring harm to your players,

Well, Claustaphobia! either underwater, in the mask or inside the decompression chamber which leads to panic.

Gear malfunction: This can be anything from a leaking mask, to a bad gauge that tells him he is deeper or shallower than he is, a bad chronometer or dive watch, or a bad tank gauge telling him he is out of air when he isn't or has air when he hasn't.

Lost fin- a pain in the ass.

Lost or cracked mask

Lost weightbelt-

shifting gear or weightbelt

Can't get the right bouyancy so he is always fighting a bit to keep from sinking or from floating

Lost flashlight, knife or other small piece of gear

Broken zipper on wet suite, or worse a dry suite.

Ear Squeeze <where the pressure on the inner ear does not equalize> these are very painful

Ruptured eardrum, even more painful

diving with a sinus or ear or similiar condition- pain and misery

Pulled muscle- always get them.

Cut on coral, line or gear

Tangled in coral or line or gear straps

Faulty regulator- this is your airsupply

Faulty O ring on the tank, which makes it leak.

Valve on your tank is not turned on, or get bumped and turned off.

Wrong WetSuite for the conditions or time underwater which can be uncomforatable to deadly,

Bad air or gas. This happens even today. This can make one ill or dead.

Oxygen poisoning, where it gets toxic

Nitrogen Narcosis- or divers high, where the nitrogen levels are altered and you get drugged effect, this can be anywhere from just feeling good to wanting to swim to the seafloor and full on halucinations,

The Bends; you come up to fast nitrogen bubbles in your system increase and it can cause headaches, paralysis that can be permiment, blood vessels rupture, even a brain embalism which gives you the effects of a stroke or even death.

Ruptured lung: going up to fast without exhauling which causes lungs to burst. <Do not hold your breath when you surface!!!!>

Rupture Ear Drums, again pressure injury.

Other equipment failures, a malfunction bouyancy compensator after a dive not the time to fight to stay on the surface and in position after an exahusting dive.

Firegrass! I hate you guys in OZ for importing your seaweeds here! Its in my marina now and I got some last time i dove to work on my boat, stings like a mo fo!

Jelly Fish these are more common that sharks

Sharks sure

Agressive sea animals like sea lions, or seals or just curious ones who will get in your way or mess with your gear.

Dolphines you see a large gray fish shaped thing underwater and it gives a fear factor.

EELS these are more dangerous and common than sharks

Octopus and Squid, some can be agressive

Coral, it will shred you nicely


Getting Lost

Waves and Surf these will mess you up.

Boats, they can hit you, or you can surface under them.

Tunnels and Wrecks, getting lost, trapped or falling items or what not that can fall on your or cut you.

Fishing line, fish nets and seaweed or kelp forests all a danger for getting tangled.

Submerged logs, pier pillings and other debris, in a tidal area these are dangerous.

Missing your boat, a navigation issue, but remember that movie Openwater?

Anyhow, those are some of the things off the top of my head.

Oh you can have the evil villian have trained seals, sea lions and dolphins not with lazers attatched to their heads, but that patrol the underwater area with cameras or even a form of handcuff or legcuff <they had them on mailcall or some such show> or just counter divers hunting your characrer.

I hope this in some small way helps make your characters lives all the shorter and a bit more misrable.
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