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'Gateway to the Spanish Main' was, in my view, one of those books that needed too many changes to make right.

- Using the USS Constitution with M2HBs instead of cannon? Nah. Too silly

- A colony of US war veterans on Grenada? Someone doesn't understand how poor most war vets are.

- The Reagan-Era 'Grenada Story'? Long ago debunked.

Still, the idea of an island hopping campaign isn't a bad one.

A better ship is needed. The 'ships thread' here has plenty to choose from (I recommend the NOAA 'Rude'). Give it some 20mm autocannon and 12.7mm M2HB in gun tubs. Perhaps a 2B9 vasilek for fire support. (I'd allow the 82mm vasilek to fire NATO 81mm mortar bombs with shims. THey'd have odd fire characteristics compared to the normal 82mm) The boat has a Rigid Inflatable Boat for inshore missions and plenty of bunks for PCs. It also has a medical bay to allow for rapid healing of wounded PCs.

The people's of the area are widely varied and now with the internet data on them is easy to find. Sit back a bit and reimagine the place without hegemony from various powers.
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