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Originally Posted by Adm.Lee View Post
I also ran a Merc campaign with a Grumman Albatross, it was based in the Caribbean, but some of the missions were in the 2nd Biafran War from the Merc book.

Why, yes, Jimmy Buffett was popular in our circles in the mid-90s, why do you ask?
The USN has one in East Africa FYI that a private owner had - and still has - he basically joined the USN so he could keep flying it (especially since the Navy didnt have anyone there who was qualified to fly it)

"East African Naval Air Patrol Group Provisional - Mombasa Airport, Pemba Airport
Manpower: 80 men
Aircraft: three P-3C Orion, one Grumman Albatross, two S-3 Vikings

This provisional group is a scratch team of aircraft from various squadrons to provide patrol and early warning. A small supply of sonar buoys is still available for them as well as four Harpoon missiles and twelve ASW torpedoes.

The Albatross was a private aircraft sold to the USN by its US expat owner/operator in exchange for a commission in the USN as an officer (he remains its pilot). "
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