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RPGs first for me.

Would you accept ATS rather than ASL (or similar low-tactical level boardgame)? I have no interest in starting an ATS vs ASL vs LnL or anything else argument, but I have my preferences. I like a tactical level (Lieutenant's or Captain's or Major's problem) game.

FPSs for me rank last; I have never been great at hand-eye coordination. My son plays Battlefield & Medal of Honor & Call of Duty. Too many buttons on the controller for me to use effectively. These (from my point of view) tend to suffer from a lack of ability to coordinate/cooperate, and in some cases the goals seem... pointless (die/respawn/die/respawn). Yes, I know, the play's the thing, and the rewards are the speed at which one unlocks new toys.

I do like World of Tanks - but the controls are simpler: one hand drives, the other points and shoots. It does suffer from the goal issue above, but at least in a given fight, a destroyed tank stays destroyed (usually).

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