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I would play tabletop RPGs all day every day if I could. I lean heavily towards gritty and realistic. I'm currently running a campaign in the Harn setting using HarnMaster Gold. In recent years I've also run a D&D 5e campaign for my wife and some friends, and in the (sometimes long) stretches between HarnMaster sessions, I also run a Palladium Games Heroes Unlimited campaign with some of the same players. It's totally off the wall and players can drop in and out as their schedules allow.

I play a fair bit of first person shooters, but not much in the way of competitive online stuff anymore. I can't devote enough time to keep up my skills to compete with all the kids and dwells-in-their-mother's-basement neckbeards that play 16 hours a day. My PC is still pretty powerful, I play games on high settings in 4K resolution. Fallout 4, Skyrim, that sort of thing. I'm PCMR all the way. I'm not into consoles. You could say I'm inconsolable.

Never played ASL. I've played other wargames in the past, none seriously. I wouldn't mind getting into them, but I've only got so much free time.

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