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Default NDB/ Nuclear power vs Fusion

I am no means a scientist but I do find this stuff super fascinating and have looked to it as potential use for Morrow scenarios. I find nuclear batteries more program friendly than small fusion reactors for vehicles and small bases. Also think about the fun if you had a flashlight that had a 500 year life or batteries that were just a long.(this also opens up great campaign ideas and or plots/subplots) Talk about fun as a GM and you have the bad guys hunting your team down for their tech.(common theme). I am also fascinated with fuel cells but i do find the flaw that they are usually dependent on a fuel source and catalyst (correct me if I am wrong). So unless you have access to the fuel your kinda screwed. Fusion does have its place as a large vehicle towed generator or at a regional supply base or "district" base in my games but I would rather give my teams a vehicle that they can not have to worry about fuel on a long time game. We once had a Morrow game run almost 2 years straight,(twice a month for 2 years) also had a Twilight campaign that ran for over 4 years. Fuel was the always concern...
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