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Default Modiphius 2D20 System

I cannot linger long as I have a prior engagement but when I saw this thread I figured I'd add in what I know. IF Modiphius is the developer and they are using their trademarked 2D20 system, here's a decent tutorial of Conan 2D20 (the game I have actually played in this system)...

I would call the 2D20 system a "medium crunch" cinematic system (where you can do all sorts of cool things using a feature known as MOMENTUM). It might work but I would have to see how they will deal with automatic weapons. John Carter and Star Trek both have projectile/energy weapons but those are not the same as modern automatic weapons. I don't know how the Mutant Chronicles does them (each 2D20 system is modified to fit the game using it).

I cannot get the video link to work so just YouTube Blades and Blaster's Modiphius 2D20 tutorial.
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