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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
John Carter and Star Trek both have projectile/energy weapons but those are not the same as modern automatic weapons. I don't know how the Mutant Chronicles does them (each 2D20 system is modified to fit the game using it).
From the Quickstart for Mutant Chronicles, it looks like there are three fire modes, all of which expend Reload tokens for bonuses:

Semi-Automatic: spend a Reload to get an extra d20 on attack and +1 Dark Symmetry die (a die that inflicts damage on a 1 or 2 and triggers a weapon's special ability on a 6).

Burst: spend 1 or 2 Reloads to get an extra d20 on attack and a number of Dark Symmetry dice equal to the Reloads spent.

Automatic: spend up to 3 Reloads to get an extra d20 on attack and a number of DS dice equal to Reloads spent.

Examples of special abilities triggered by a 6 on the Dark Symmetry die are Armor Piercing (ignore some armor), Knockdown, Spread (damage additional hit areas), Stun, and Vicious (inflict extra damage).
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