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An MP company fights as Infantry Dragoons liberally supplied with crew served weapons.

A typical Corps MP Squad would have three weapons carrier HMMWVs (M1025/M1026 in the 80's and 90s or M1114s in the late 90s)

A single team in the late 80s or early 90s would have three M9s, two M16s, one M203, one M60, and one MK-19 or M2HB. In some cases drop one M16 and add a SAW. Then in the mid 90s drop the M16 for the M4.

MPs are also liberally supplied with night vision and radios....... This is because of their route reconnaisance mission and radio relay mission.... two radios per team and an AM long range per platoon leader. One PVS5 in the early 80s, then one PVS5 and one PVS7 in the mid 80s, then two PVS7s in the 90s. One PVS4 with reticles for the m16/m203, SAW, M60, and M2HB. One TVS5 for the M2HB or MK19.

hand grenades and signal rockets galore. one to four claymores per as well.

A Divisional MP company may have several FIM-92 stingers.... 82nd MP Co being one that does.

10 weapons carriers and one cargo per platoon.... the a HQ platoon.

MPs are regularly issued light and medium AT weapons and trained in mine warfare too.

MP Bns are always ersatz affairs with non MP companies such as Cavalry, Signal, and Med companies attached based upon the Corps Commanders direct instruction and dictated mission.

Look for period editions of Field Manual 19 - 4 for the difference in MTOE for Division, Corps, Special, and Detachment military police units.

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