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Canon requires that Prime Base be knocked out, inserting any kind of common sense blows the module to pieces. So, how do we fix it?

The simple fix is to have Soviet Intelligence observe the construction of Prime Base, and chalking up the ranch/children's hospice concept as simply a poor effort to camouflage the new American command base...a salvo of ICBMs solves the problem in typical massive overkill fashion. The damaged Prime Base computer is only able to broadcast a random code over the ELF broadcast system, which is the reason for the slow and haphazard wake up of the Project. For this purpose, I'd place "Prime Base" in the Snake River Valley in Idaho.

The Prime Base module now becomes the frozen Prime Deuce as well as the headquarters for the Atlantis Project. This deletes the flashback to too many Saturday afternoon Japanese monster movie marathons, deletes the Krell episode, deletes the incredibly stupid decision to open the base and "feel good about ourselves" mission and now the objective of the team is to locate Prime Deuce and reawaken it.

I'd still like to go with a fourth cylinder with MARS/Recon/Science teams for control of the local area. Perhaps a larger aviation section (has anybody noticed that Autogyros are used only in TM1-1 and never show up in any module?). A fusion refueling facility in place of the HAZMAT in Support and an expanded Mission Annex tunnel facility.

As for Phoenix....I'd rather replace them with a large MARS Team, dedicated to the protection of Prime Deuce.

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