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Originally Posted by natehale1971 View Post
I have come up with ideas for Morrow Project uniforms...
Newbie here....thought I'd add a few thoughts to the uniform thread...

First, the headgear;

Having worn one for 22 years, I am definitely in favour of berets...especially for everyday wear (if you want an idea how goofy boonie hats look day-to-day; check out Dr Jackson on SG-1). Boonies have their place (as do ball caps, and of course helmets), but the berets is a tidy, compact, and professional-looking piece of headdress. My Project definitely wears berets.

Still on berets, I originally went with a light blue/powder blue (think of a UN Peacekeeper), as I wanted to stay away from being an imitation 'Green Bean'.
Lately, I have transitioned my MP teams from blue to grey, as it better fits the rest of the MP uniform that my teams wear.

The standard issue beret is a solid grey, black band, with a simple cloth, subdued 'MP' logo badge on the beret.

Second, Shirt/Pants/Coveralls;

My teams are still issued Resistweave coveralls, but they are also issued solid 'urban grey' BDUs for non-combat situations. Because I am that kind of PD, more than once my PCs have been through a firefight or six in their BDUs because they've been 'out of position' for changing prior to the action. The solid grey colour extends to shorts, T-shirts, boxers, briefs, etc.

Third, Boots & Tactical Gear;

My combat boots are any generic military spec boot, w/armoured toe and sole. Tactical webbing, assault vests, hoslters, etc are all flat black (I use the Blackhawk tactical gear). In the final analysis, if you have seen the outfits worn in the TV series 'Flashpoint', it is a good representation what my MP Teams look like.

Lastly, Insignia and Badges;

Like most PDs, I use velcro Name tapes, on right breast of shirts/jackets, and velcro MP patches on sleeves (Project patch on the upper right, branch patch on the upper left) shoulder. I also put a team patch on the left breast of shirts/jackets.

Just a few thoughts from the gallery....


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