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Cool lets go

a black op to take out a jihadist trainning facility in the remotes of the Magrhib region

- a dirty deal in Beirut to get the intel and gear
-a leaky greek fishing boat in the east med landing us on a dark shore in dangerous country
- travelling across the land taking care to stay away from local authorities who dont want a breach of national souverignity
-a hazardous infil into bearded-man country and the stealthy approach
-attacking the stronghold
-the get away , ambushing our pursuers , getting to the LZ in a desperate scramble
-meeting our contact to debrief and get paid

a-b ,an ultraviolent roadmovie across the deserts in USA ,non stop submachinegun action on the bloody asphalt at 100 miles and hour -yeah.No one can be trusted ,wave after wave of assailants have to be taken out /thwarted

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