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In addition to Kato's kit, some things I recall seeing when my grandfather was raising MWDs (some modern items added):
• Bite suit and accessories: sleeves, leg sleeves, groin protection, helmet/faceguard, hand protection (also hidden versions for wear under clothing)
• “Silent” whistle – these aren’t really silent for everyone, mom used to call me home with one if I was late for dinner, if I was within 5-6 blocks of the house I couldn’t not hear it
• Blank gun and blank ammunition
• Ball/treat pouch(s)
• Long lead(s) up to 30’
• Stake out lines (modern versions utilize bungee)
• Transport container/kennel
• Additional grooming tools (i.e. slicker brushes, undercoat brushes)
• Chew toys (i.e. Kong, tugs)
• Scent decoys: explosive (ammonium nitrate, HMTD, PETN, potassium chloride, Semtex, RDX, TATP, TNT, urea nitrate, smokeless powder, black powder, ICAO taggants) and drugs (cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, PCP, cannabis)
• Scent boxes
• Scent bags
• LOTS of treats
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