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I've been running through various dog-training companies and came up with these items:

Schutzhund Blind (7 tall, heavy, rubberized material with three collapsible, take-down metal support poles.) This is used to conceal the 'dummy' wearing the bite suit. Usually has 3-4 of these scattered with one holding a person. Also features an eyehole on each side to observe the handler.

1-Meter High Jump (1m high (3 feet) and can be easily disassembled without tools for storage or transport. This jump is fully adjustable for different heights. All hardware and tubing is stainless steel and the jump is made from an extra heavy-duty rubberized material.

Schutzhund Dumbbells (One 650g dumbbell, one 1000g dumbbell, and one 2000g dumbbell.) Used for training the dog to bite the handle.

Jute Dumbbell (650g dumbbell) This is wrapped with a layer of jute to encourage the dog to hold onto the handle and not the ends.

Thorn Dumbbell (650g dumbbell has wooden thorns sticking up to encourage the dog to hold onto the handle and not the ends.

Tracking Flag Caddy (Features a removable threaded cap and carrying sling. Will hold up to 50 tracking flags.)

(50) Tracking Flags (Fluorescent flag has a 21" wire stake so that it is easy to see in tall grass. Use when laying tracks so that the handler knows exactly where the track is laid.)

Multicam Training Vest (Nylon vest is designed for year-round and all-weather use. It has plenty of pockets for training gear. Removable front treat pocket which can be worn on either side. Velcro straps allow you to attach tugs for focused heeling. There is one large back pocket with openings at each end.)
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